I was Elected to the St. Charles county council in 2000.
A lot of politicians run for office because they want to be something; I wanted to do something.

Why I ran.
    • Wanted to fight against cluster homes with no infrastructure that would dump sewage into our streams that would end up in drinking water through wells.
    • Group of citizens stood up……we sued St. Charles County
    • We lost…so I ran..
Things that I accomplished on county council
    • Moratorium on sewage treatment plants.
    • Change the law to higher quality treatment plants MBR
    • Senator kit Bond recognized the problem and gave $500,000.00 to Lake St. Louis and SCC to come up with a solution to the water problems.
    • First stream bank protection ordinance in state, excludes all agriculture operations.
    • Proposition S Illegal annexations, Proposition S, Passed by the voters.
    • Created new blasting laws in SCC. Due to property damage.
    • Fought against Eminent domain, TIFS, building of Levy’s in the flood plain.
    • Originated and sponsored an ordinance not to allow (military) funeral protest.
    • Originated and sponsored a county wide red-light camera band, voter approval 72%
    • Originated and sponsored a county ordinance to protect over aggressive county inspectors in agriculture areas in violating property rights.
    • Participated and supported a new county parks program with close to 4000 acres.
    • St. Charles County hasn’t had a tax increase in over 16 years.
    • Support smart grown initiatives reducing explosion of growth and municipal annexations. 
    • Support Law Enforcement with budgetary items and pay increases. 
    • Aggresively fought back against COVID tyranny and quarantine policies in our county. 
    • Fought our county council in protecting the rights of our citizens by fighting back illegal immigration.